AIMS Web Math Proficiency

A year after the Covid Pandemic extended spring break from school, Mitchell students are performing well on standardized tests.  AIMS Web Math focuses on both math concepts and applications.  Spring data shows the majority of students are at or above grade level in the Spring of 2021. The primary grades (K and 1) have approximately 60% of students reaching proficiency or higher, and the upper elementary and junior high have 90% or higher reaching proficiency levels!  

Mitchell's current academic goal for school improvement focuses on Improving Math Skills and Concepts.  We have begun using a computer-based program called IXL to strengthen skills.  This program is individualized for each student so it challenges all levels, including high ability students.  Additionally, Mitchell will be adding a half-time Math Interventionist beginning in the fall of 2021 for grades K-6.  This teacher will develop specific strategies to strengthen the skills of those students who need additional support.