back to school

Released:  August 3, 2021

Back To School 2021-2022:  Welcome Back Tigers!

In a mere ten days, students will be back to filling the hallways of Mitchell schools.  We anticipate an amazing year of learning, discovery and triumphs.  As of today, we also anticipate as normal of operations as possible.  We’ve all heard the news of late, and I’m sure many are eager to hear what expectations may be for the year.  Here are a few key messages as we start the school year.

School begins for students on Friday, August 13th.  This is a normal 12:30 Friday Dismissal for students.  While this may sound odd and perhaps slightly ominous, the design is to have students fully settled in and ready to learn in the week to follow.

Things to know about Mitchell in regards to COVID:

  • As to date, there WILL NOT be a mask mandate for students or staff.  Anyone may choose to properly wear a mask if desired.  Mask wearing is encouraged for those unvaccinated and/or under the age of vaccination. 

  • Students can and are encouraged to have a water bottle.  Water fountains will be turned on this year, but having water in the classrooms has proven to be time-saving and good for students’ health.

  • As to date, there is also no active Directed Health Measures (DHM) issued by the Governor.  As a result, students and staff will not be quarantined by an outside agency for exposure to Covid.  Masking if exposed is highly encouraged.  There is no longer (or currently) a colored risk dial or rates per specific communities.

  • We will continue to have the Color Coded Chart on our website for those who enjoy the color-coded chart.  (We are keeping the chart to meet federal requirements.)  We will operate in the GREEN Zone to start the year.

  • Just as it has always been--If you or your child is ill, stay home until symptoms (especially fever) have passed.  

  • Any changes to the Return to School Plan will be based on State and Local Guidelines, including our Governor’s DHM.

Other things to know:

  • 7-12th Grades have Orientation Meetings for Students and Parents.  If you can’t attend your scheduled meeting, please make arrangements with Mr. Peters or come to the “catch all” meeting as listed.

  • Elementary Parent meeting (1st through 6th grades) on August 10th and 6 p.m. in the Elementary Gym.  (Kindergarten parents will meet at a different time.)

  • Open House for Elementary Students and Families is Back!  This will be held on August 12th from 5-6:30 p.m.  Please bring your school supplies and discover which teacher and classroom your child will be in for the year.

  • Breakfast and Lunch will continue to be FREE for ALL STUDENTS this year as issued by the USDA.  However:

  • Please help out the district and your children by filling out the Free/Reduced Lunch Application.  Information is kept strictly confidential.  The more students we have qualified for Free or Reduced Lunches, the more we are able to receive in financial aid to the school.  This helps keep our taxes lowered and gives our kids what they need to be successful learners!

Enjoy the remaining days of your summer break.  Get those backpacks ready and get a good night’s rest, because we are looking forward to an amazing 2021-2022 School Year!