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Mitchell Families:  While we hoped this would be a distant memory, we are seeing trends of increased Covid cases (mostly due to the Delta variant) locally and in our state.  It is our vision to keep school open and our community free of serious illness.

We believe students are enjoying the start to their year with involvement in all activities.  We thus far have had minimal positive cases within our student body and no staff members have been diagnosed with Covid.  However, it would be naive to assume we won’t experience a surge as many around us are experiencing increased cases.

Here are few things we can do to keep all students and staff safe while enjoying the current school experience:

  1. Please monitor your child for symptoms and keep them home if students are ill.  Symptoms include fever (100.4 or higher), congestion, sinus pressure, sore throat, aches, and sometimes stomach illness.  These are common symptoms of several illnesses, but we ask parents to keep children at home if these are present.

  2. We encourage those eligible to be vaccinated to take advantage of that opportunity.  Currently all adults and students aged 12 and older are eligible.  

  3. We welcome the use of masks.  We currently do not have a mask requirement/mandate, but we encourage the use of face coverings for all. 

  4. Encourage children to minimize spread by washing hands often, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a reasonable social distance from others.

Close Contact at School:  If your child is considered a “close contact” of a student in school who has tested positive, parents will receive a phone call, text message or email by a school official.  Close contacts (from school) may still attend if they feel well.  Masking is strongly encouraged for two weeks following to minimize spread.  Close contacts should be monitored extremely closely and kept home if any symptoms occur.  

Close Contact from Home:  Household members of someone who has test positive should strongly consider self-isolating for a period of time.  There is a strong likelihood of exposure if a member of the household tests positive.  

If your child is home self-isolating, please remain in contact with the school nurse or office staff.  Our teachers and staff will do their best to keep students up to date with homework so they do not fall behind.  

We understand many are frustrated with the resurgence of this virus.  Just as in the past, expectations for schools change often.  We ask for kindness for all and a willingness to work together to keep all of our students healthy and active in school.  

Dr. Katherine Urbanek, Supt. Mitchell Public Schools